Nakaya is the leading Japanese manufacturer of Saws and Saw Machinery
Nakaya is the leading Japanese manufacturer of Saws and Saw Machinery
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Impulse Hardening Machine with Fully Automatic Robot Device

  • Standard Type for Max. 400mm
  • Max. 660mm Long Type
  • Harden a tip of saw teeth automatically.
  • Automatic feeding by robot device, available 24 hours operation.
  • With chiller unit for cooling.
Major Specifications
RF Generator Input power requirements 200V ±10% AC3P 50/60Hz
Maximum input power 10kVA
Oscillating frequency 27.12MHz
Frequency stability Within ±0.005%
Maximum RF output A) CW mode 5kW
B) Pulse mode 5kW
C) EXT mode 5kW
Stability of RF output Within 1%
Line voltage regulation ± 0. 5%
(A guaranteed value for an input power regulation of ±10%)
Accuracy of RF output Large value of within ±2% of externally set signal or ±10W
Environment Ambient temperature:5~45 degrees Centigrade, Ambient humidity:15~85%
Cooling system Joint use of air and water cooling system
Cooling water: 15l/minor more,
30? or less (prevent from condensation)
0.3~0.5Mpa (3~5Kg/c?)
Inlet / Outlet: Rc1/2
Weight Approximately 150Kg
Measurement Length×Width×Height 2,500mm×1,900mm×2,300mm
Total weight About 1,000Kg
Saw Blade Size Maximum(L×W×T) 400mm×120mm (Standard Type)
660mm×150mm (Long Type)


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