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The history of Nakaya dates back to 1907.
Research and development has taken us to the peak of handsaw technology passed over the years from father to son. We started with making handsaws but we did not stop.
Now we make the machines as well. We provide total assistance from design to final product regarding any kind of handsaw for any purpose.

Company Profile
Company Name Nakaya Company Ltd.
President Shintaro Namba
Main Business Lines Manufacture and Sell;
(1) Replaceable hand saws(cut on pull stroke): Single edged saws, Double edged saws, Pruning saws, Western handsaws etc...
(2) Handsaw making machinery and related equipment
(3) Industrial blade making machine: Hedge trimmer blade, Paper trimmer knife etc...
Address 3-20-16, Tsukanome, Sanjo City, Niigata, 955-0055 Japan
TEL +81-256-47-4506
FAX +81-256-47-4509
Company History
1907 Nakaya was founded by Nitaro Nakaya in Hokkaido.
1931 Aggressive expansion to other areas of Japan; Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku etc.
1961 Niigata factory was established in Sanjo City at the present head office.
1967 Produces the first full automatic saw cutting machine and established a factory to produce machines in March of same year.
1975 Diversified into production of related steel materials and equipment, completed the first B-51 model machine.
1978 Produced the B-53 model and NB-100 model machines following the successful debut of the B-51 model.
Made the first wheel balancing equipment presently used widely in Japan.
1980 Renovated the Niigata factory, and introduced various handsaw series.
Developed high quality handsaws and started export to USA, UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa.
1989 Started production of replaceable handsaws, Professional Series, Wonder Series, Big Series and special handsaws to meet specific needs.
1990 Produced full automatic saw cutting machine.
1997 Started sales of Meiko Series, and made an explosive sales.
2002 Entered into different machine market like Circular Saw Blade, Hedge Trimmer Blade, Paper Trimmer Knife, Cooking Slice Knife, etc.
2013 Shintaro Namba was inducted as 3rd president.
2023 New company building completed at 3-20-16 Tsukanome, Sanjo City. Head office relocation.


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